Micro feedback platform to manage tech debt.

We use configurable surveys after each pull request to capture actionable insights.

Help people work on what they love

Developers want to be challenged.

Stop your team getting stuck on tasks they find boring.

What would you like to work on next?
User model is confusing
27 hrs lost 15 PRs affected
Poor requirements
19 hrs lost 13 PRs affected
QA Bottlenecked
11 hrs lost 10 PRs affected

Build a tech debt roadmap

Tech debt causes endless frustration. It causes poor retention, which makes it worse.

By asking what caused issues with shipping, and how much time was lost you can get out of this cycle.

Give your team the keys to shipping faster

Technical teams know the importance of data in fixing things.

Aggregating human feedback gives you an exact view of what needs improving, and how. Configure questions that you need answers to.

Slick integrations to fit with your developers' flow.





Happy teams ship faster.

Not caring is contagious. Hiberly stops that before it happens.

Senior Engineer, Customer Interview

Built for developers.

Quick start instructions
 # => Sign in with GitHub
 # => Give the app permissions to team repositories
 # => Select team repositories
 ~ git add .
 ~ git commit -m "example pull request"
 ~ git push remote branch
 # => Merge the Pull Request in GitHub
 # => Click the Hiberly check to give feedback

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