A note from the founders

We founded Hiberly to solve the biggest problem we saw throughout our careers: tech debt. It affects engineering teams of all sizes, at all stages. It hampers delivery, growth and causes engineers to leave good companies.

We strongly believe that the solution lies with engineers themselves – they experience the challenges of shipping first hand.

However, through nearly 100 interviews with engineers, engineering managers, VPs of engineering and CTOs, we realized that prioritizing what to fix and articulating the value of this to the rest of the business remains a challenge.

Meanwhile, the business loses out because they could be building features faster, and ultimately making customers happier.

In short, Hiberly’s goal is to empower engineering teams to create great products.

We can’t wait to help your organization too.

James Hawkins, Co-Founder and CEO
Tim Glaser, Co-Founder and CTO

Hiberly’s goal is to empower engineering teams to create great products.


Understand the why

We aren’t here to build features, we are here to help our customers build great products, and an empowered and proactive engineering culture. This comes from a deep understanding of how our clients operate. 


Never grow up

We win by building an environment where we are the most exciting place to work. We need to be agile and without silos to do this.


Focus is better than compromise

We are a leader, thus we will always work to form an opinion and do not tolerate compromise. Depth comes before breadth.


Deliver value first

Companies must deliver and harness value. Focus on the former, and the latter will come easily. Product-led growth is something we firmly believe in.


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