GitHub or GitLab

GitHub or GitLab

If you use GitHub or GitLab, there are two ways to get started:

1 – recommended: we can set it up for you.

Submit this form. We’ll email some dates/times for one of our engineers to show you the platform, and we’ll get you up and running over a video call.

2 – you can install it yourself

Sign in to either GitHub or GitLab using the buttons below.

Hiberly doesn’t require access to your code, just the pull request metadata. To give better control over permissions for GitLab, we provide an (optional) self-hosted API gateway. We’d strongly recommend we set this up for you (use the form in (1) above), but there are further instructions for this in the open source repository

Azure or Bitbucket

If you use Azure or Bitbucket, self-serve isn’t possible. Just book a call with one of our engineers and we’ll set you up with a free trial:

What is Hiberly?

Hiberly lets teams build a culture where engineers are empowered to improve processes and code. This comes through creating a 

The platform integrates with your version control system – 

Whenever an author has their pull request merged, It inserts a short survey that asks (i) which part of the process would you improve, and how (ii) how much time could have been saved (iii) how did you feel about the pull request.

Typically, developers respond to this survey for ~60% of their pull requests. More when the leadership are bought into improving the culture too.

Hiberly then provides two main ways of using this data – a breakdown of suggested issues with their ROIs of fixing them by process, and a visualization of coding-based issues overlaid onto the codebase.

Can I get a demo?

We would be delighted to show you how the platform works. We’ll get someone who has worked on the product to give you a walk through and to validate if we’re a good fit for you.

The best way is to fill out this form:

Otherwise, email and we’ll get back to you, usually in minutes.

Or call us at +1 813-67902279. We are available during 9am to 6pm PST.

Why won't it work for personal repositories?

It can. However, Hiberly is designed for teams to empower engineers to fix issues with code and processes.

We often see that new users will set up the platform in a personal repository to “try it out”. This seems rational but doesn’t allow a good picture of how the platform works – personal repositories do not usually have many pull requests and many contributors, so building up a good picture of challenges and their ROIs isn’t realistic.

We’d rather give you a Test Drive for the a larger number of users in as many repositories as possible – we can always remove access to the environment at the end of the Test Drive if you do not want to move ahead. For this reason, we default to not allowing users to get out of demo mode with personal repositories.

That said, we do have some users who leverage the platform individually so they can track their own performance. If your setup is unusual and requires this – just email with what you need and why and we’ll let you use it this way.

Why do teams use Hiberly?

Hiberly is used by teams that want to build a proactive culture. It enables engineers to crowd source great data on the opportunities to work faster, and shares that data with the entire team, so anyone can see at a glance what is worth fixing.

We usually see that after just two weeks, teams’ pull requests start including more fixes, and that the average developer feels much happier. A motivated team that fixes issues is what you need to win in a software-driven world.

Does it work for very large teams?

Data is particularly good when there is more of it, so yes.

Usually the largest teams have the greatest value in getting tech debt right too.

If your team is more than 100 developers, then we ask you speak to us first – we’ll tailor the rollout specifically to you. This means we can discuss things like permissions and if there is any complexity in your set up (for example, if we would need to build an integration to work with your version control).

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