Retain your A Team.

The average engineer costs $35k to $75k to hire and train.

5 engineers


Give your engineers a voice.
$125 monthly
  • Track and improve process
  • ROI assessment of fixing issues
  • GitHub/GitLab/Azure integration


Ship faster. Be happier.
from $145 monthly
  • Everything in Starter
  • Code analysis and explorer
  • Weekly reporting


A plan built for you.
  • Everything in Team
  • BitBucket Integration
  • Self-hosted GitLab or Azure
  • API gateway

Engaged teams ship faster.

If I'd had this in my last job, the frustrations would have been caught as they bubbled up and I wouldn't have left.
Tech debt? God yes - that was the bane of my existence. Hiberly helps teams collaborate, and for engineering's technical requirements to be more defensible, so we have a roadmap that'd actually contain what the business needs.
VP Engineering
Not caring is contagious. Hiberly helps the entire team raise their game.
Senior Engineer
Using Hiberly lets me explain to the business why refactoring something can be more impactful than that next feature.
VP Engineering

Feature List

Developer Surveys
Customizable Process Tags
Feedback segmentation (by process)
GitHub Standard Integration
GitLab Standard Integration
Azure Standard Integration
Email Support
Code Explorer
Weekly Reporting
BitBucket Standard Integration
Self-Hosted GitLab Integration
Self-Hosted Azure Integration
Data Export
Custom integrations
API Gateway


What is Hiberly?

Hiberly helps you build a great engineering culture in your organization, whether you’re a 10-person startup or a Fortune 500 company.

We let engineers configure questions to get data on issues with the codebase and engineer processes, so that those issues can be diagnosed and fixed, whilst explaining the kind of work they want to be focussed on. This greatly helps retention and velocity.

How does the process work?

After you start your free trial we’ll be in touch with a few times for a catchup. During the call, we’ll run you through what Hiberly is, what it does and how Hiberly can help you.

We ask that you bring someone with admin access to your repositories (GitHub/GitLab) so that we can get your team set up during the demo.

You’ll get 7 days to trial Hiberly risk-free. After, we’ll be in touch to evaluate the results and see whether Hiberly is a fit for you. 


What benefits should I expect for my business?

Feedback in small chunks, early, prevents frustration bubbling up. Hiberly helps you do this.

After just 7 days of using Hiberly, we see teams start thinking deeply about what could be improved in the engineering experience. Beyond retention, teams use Hiberly to work out how to make processes and code less frustrating to work with, so they can ship faster.

We want a feature you don't have!

We *love* hearing about what you would like to see us work on next. Please get in touch.

Get started, today.


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  • Let engineers track the ROI of fixing tech debt
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